International Law

At Abellán & Seuberlich Abogados Rechtsanwälte we stand out by our strong International Law expertise. We deal with Private International Law matters, which regulate relations between individuals and companies in cross-border issues, particularly within the European Union framework and German law.

International and cross-border proceedings

When it comes to international or cross-border dimension conflicts (for instance, when involved parties reside in different countries, or they are of different nationalities, or when contracts are to be performed in a country different than the country where they were signed or different than the contracting parties’ place of residence...), it is essential to have broad Private International Law knowledge in order to achieve an accurate approach to the matter. It must be noted that the applicable laws, as well as those that indicate competent authorities, vary within exclusively national relations. Our Private International Law expertise along with normative instruments knowledge allow us to make use of a broad and far-reaching perspective as we represent our clients in both extrajudicial and judicial proceedings.

Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments

Nowadays, all kinds of relationships related to trade, family, business and other matters operate without any border or territorial limits due to the globalisation within the European Union framework. As a result, our clients receive court decisions in the country where they are to be executed or carried out into a different country where the opposing party assets or property are located.
Our expertise lies in dealing with the necessary and adequate procedures for the recognition of such resolutions in the country in which they are to take effect, be enforced and complied with, so that they can meet our clients’ needs.

Recovery of claims within the European Union framework

Our Private International Law  expertise along with our experience in EU legal instruments enables us to handle proceedings on behalf of our clients for the collection of their claims throughout the European Union, through procedures such as the European Small Claims Procedure, governed by Regulation (EC) No 861/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 July 2007 or the European Order for Payment Procedure, regulated in the EC Regulation 1896 2006, of the European Parliament and the Council, which provides a simple, swift and flexible procedure in order to collect monetary claims, due and payable within the European Union.

Proceedings in Germany

We are aware how complex it is for our clients to process administrative issues and public pension related formalities before German institutions from Spain. Our German-speaking team and our lawyer Julia Seuberlich, a registered German Rechtsanwältin, will advise and manage any necessary proceedings.

Public and private pensions in Spain.

We represent our clients during application and administration of their public or private pensions before German institutions (Deutsche Rentenversicherung etc.). In addition, we offer advice on filing a compulsory tax return regarding pensions in Germany before German tax authorities.

Proceedings before Public Administration in Germany

We manage all kinds of procedures, permits and concessions before Public Administration in Germany.

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