Family Law

We provide our legal services within the Family Law framework, covering all cases that may arise within family relationships.

Marriage crisis: divorce and separation

We have extensive experience and expertise in negotiating divorce and separation settlements. Knowing the impact that such situations have on our clients, we prioritise the achievement of satisfactory agreements.

When negotiation is not possible, we propose a solid and effective legal strategy defending our clients' interests.

Furthermore, our expertise in Private International and European Community Law enables us to provide special attention to those cases in which the spouses or partners reside in different countries or are of different nationalities, or when the situation involves any other cross-border aspect.

Child custody, communication and living arrangements

Child custody, living arrangements and communication between separated parents are the most common issues in family crises.

Our law firm approaches these situations with the greatest possible delicacy and professionalism, advising and managing the conflict in the most convenient way, with absolute consideration for the minors’ interests.

We also provide our service when it comes to cohabitation problems between unmarried couples, or couples who are not united by matrimonial bonds and have children in common.

Domestic partnerships

If you are considering a domestic partnership, we advise you on the rights and duties involved in this process and we assist you in procedures and formalities until registration is finished.

Conflicts regarding joint exercise of parental responsibility

Occasionally, conflicts between parents (whether they are united through marriage or another type of union, separated or divorced) occur while making important decisions that affect the children (related to their health, education, religious or spiritual matters).

We provide legal assistance in such cases and assume appropriate procedures for the conflict resolution.

Child support and compensatory damages derived from marriage

After couple's crisis, certain economic rights and obligations arise between the spouses and affect their children.

We offer comprehensive advice to our clients on these matters, representing their interests before Courts when necessary.

Matrimonial property regimes

We advise our clients on the settlement of the matrimonial property regime which should govern the assets of the spouses, as well as on the dissolution and liquidation of the matrimonial property regime.

International marriage crisis

International marriages, divorces and separations (especially when there are children or assets in common) require special preparation in the Private International Law field.

At Abellán & Seuberlich we master all legal EU legal instruments in order to offer a global solution in every aspect involved in marital or partnership breakdown, under these circumstances with an international scope.

We also represent clients who want to enforce a foreign divorce, separation or judgment resolution, or adoption of specific measures regarding minors, in Spain.

Processes for the adoption of support measures of persons with disabilities

We provide advice and handle all the procedures aimed at adopting necessary measures for legal, economic, social and care support for persons with disabilities.

Proceedings for underage children protection in risk or neglect situations

We are specialists in advising and processing procedures aimed at the legal protection of minors in risk or distress situations and we adopt all necessary measures for their guardianship or tutelage.

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