Civil Liability and Damages

We cover cases related to compensation of claims for damages derived from liability.

Traffic accidents

In case you have suffered personal or property damages as a consequence of a traffic accident, we will represent you before the responsible parties and insurance companies until the damage is repaired.

Medical liability

Medical malpractice is a delicate subject that requires tact and knowledge.

Our role at Abellán & Seuberlich is to study the medical’s activity adequacy and the information offered to the patient in order to study breaches that enable the patient to obtain compensation for damages, both through out-of-court negotiation and through judicial proceedings.

Damages due to construction problems

Damages due to construction problems are particularly complex, since it is necessary to determine responsibilities among all the agents involved in the construction.

At Abellán & Seuberlich we advise you in directing your claim in order to obtain compensation for the caused damages.

Claims to airline companies

If you have suffered a delay, flight denial or cancellation, we will assist you in order to obtain the compensation or indemnification legally foreseen.

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