Real Estate Law

We assist our clients in main real estate transactions based on our broad experience in real estate purchases, sales and leasing contracts, among others.

Purchase agreements

We assist our clients in all formalities when buying or selling a property: starting from the appropriate private contract negotiation and drafting, through signing the public deed of sale, to the registration in the Land Registry.

For our international clients we also offer NIE (foreign ID number) application procedures, electricity and water supply contracting, and we advise on matters regarding bank financing of your property.


We draft and review our clients' lease contracts (urban or rustic) ensuring that the leasing relationship effectiveness is guaranteed in the event of any breach by the other party. Likewise, we perform the pertinent communications and notifications and proceed to end the leasing relationship when necessary.

Community of Owners

Community of Owners regulation is included in the Horizontal Property Law.

We are aware that coexistence in buildings, urban complexes and housing developments can often be complicated and we provide our services to affected owners.

Sanctions for urban planning

We advise and defend our clients in urban planning discipline matters in administrative and judicial proceedings, especially in sanctioning proceedings, demolition orders and construction substitute performance.

Cadastre, Land Registry

The Cadastre and the Land Registry may present discrepancies in relation to the same property, in terms of boundaries, surface areas, ownership, etc.

We urge the coordination between both registries to achieve a perfect property identification and to generate a greater legal certainty, in the event of an existing neighbourhood dispute or to guarantee a better property sale.

If there are discrepancies between adjoining properties owners, we advise and represent our clients regarding their rights of easement, and demarcation and redhibitory actions.

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