Labour Law and Social Security

We provide legal assistance, both to companies and employees, within the labour relations framework.

Individual and collective dismissals and terminations of employment

Employment regulation proceedings and substantial modification of working conditions

Claim of workers’ rights

We have extensive experience in claiming workers’ rights procedures, related to wages, seniority, recognition of employment relationship, temporary hiring fraud, personal and family life and work reconciliation, right to vacations, substantial modification of working conditions, harassment or mobbing.

Proceedings before public administrations in matters of abuse of temporary employment in public employment

We specialise in advising and representing public workers, both when they provide their services through an employment relationship, as well as when they do so through a statutory or civil service relationship, to claim their rights arising from an abusive temporality of their service relationships with the Public Administration.

Procedures for infringements and penalties in the social order and before the Labour Inspectorate

Social security proceedings

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